Always wanted to be…

Everything around me matters

Who I was and who I am

How to build my story

My body is very important

My mind is inside my body

Self-esteem is the perception we have of ourselves. It encompasses all aspects of life. From the emotional to the physical, how we value ourselves and how we believe others see us.

Here we work on our assurance and confidence, which are usually intervened by external influences. Your history (childhood) may play in your favor or against you and it can determine who you are.

What to do?

To work with people with low self-esteem, I suggest very integral work, combining mentoring, with life coaching and hypnosis. I have seen very good results with patients from ages 7 and up: rebellious teenagers, adults and seniors.

In some sessions and with previous authorization from the patient, in an induced state, I communicate with previous patients who will narrate their experience and how they managed to get through. This has brought very positive results.


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