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In 1996 I suffered a car accident that almost left me disabled

...I had multiple fractures in the left collarbone with impingement in the shoulder leaving it without mobility, a bump on the chest, a fracture in the coccyx, ligament cuts and meniscus rupture in the left knee. They had to rebuild my right ankle. This awakened curiosity in me, curiosity about learning and understanding how our body works, how to work with it and how to heal it. While I was hospitalized they gave me morphine, one day an aunt massaged my feet soles and since that day, something began to change.

In 1997 I got reiki done on my body, which alleviated the pains in my ankle, knee and coccyx. The massages and my rehabilitation led me to integral welfare after a long road.

In 1999 I studied Reflexology, Reiki and Metamorphic Massage, which was very helpful to my patients with terminal cancer, people with physical and emotional pain, sleep disorders, bruxism, among many others.

During those years I discovered that the water in my body worked differently and I could move with greater ease. I got certifications in all levels of sport diving, becoming an international diving instructor, certified by FEDESUB, CMAS 2E and the Chilean navy. I was always looking for a sport with no impact and which would create general welfare in me.

During the years 2006 and 2007 I studied Chiromassage at INAQ levels I and II, I also studied massage with hot and cold rocks, taught by Master Kohra Santosh. In 2008 I followed up with an Intensive Course on Traditional Thai Massage taught by Ana María Honorato. Later, in 2009 I studied Facial Reflexology for Bruxism at Escuela Medicina Oriental S.A. I continued in 2010 studying Aromatherapy at Osmanthus and in 2011 I continued with Reiki level II. In 2012 I studied Life Coaching at Inpact. In 2014 I went to the Pilates Reformer workshop at EIS Pilates and in 2015 I studied 2 courses on Ericksonian Hypnosis with Sonia Jungjohann Ribbeck, a clynical psychologist.

In order to gain experience, I started working at the Radisson Hotel in Concón, afterwards I worked for 3 years in Balthus Vitacura during the evenings and for 1 year at Hands & Company during the mornings as a therapist and doing massage workshops at EEII and EESS. In 2006, I did a massage workshop at EEII-SS for kinesiology students at Santo Tomás University. I worked for five years (2008-2012) doing different kinds of massages at Laurus Pilates Center.

In parallel to my experiences, in 2006 I founded the company Tu Cuerpo Siente, to become Specialist Consultants in Enhancing the Skills of people through activities and programs focused on welfare.

In 2013 I created a partnership with the former General Manager of Laurus Pilates Center for 5 years and we created a Center for Pilates and customized Training, called Les Sens.

In early 2017 we created TCS Capacitaciones, to be able to deliver training courses focused on enhancing different skills in people, both in their work and emotional environments. This entrepreneurship is awaiting to find somebody who can support us with its development.

Borderline experiences… An opportunity for new challenges...

In 2016 a patient told me about a very special case, a 17 year old girl, who was normal like any other person, with good grades at school, a good daughter, etc. stopped talking from one day to the other. Her parents had to take her out of class, they took her to different specialists to no avail, and all they got was medication and comments on excess stress and other things with no concrete solutions. Since she was underage, I preferred to work under tutelage of her parents, who were present during the hypnosis sessions. Starting from the 4th session, she began talking and started to regain her normal life, little by little.

This experience motivated me to keep going further with my studies. In early 2017 I started a Diploma course in Clinical Hypnosis to certify myself as a specialist in clinical hypnosis of Milton Erickson (Academia Inpact, Santiago). This tremendous tool will allow the best use of resources from my patients so they can solve their issues in the least amount of time.

“I thank all the people who have given themselves a new chance, who have trusted in their capabilities, who have allowed themselves to realize that I am part of their processes and that you can achieve whatever you propose to yourselves, thank you for believing in yourself…”

Cristóbal Novoa U.

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