Improve your self-esteem

Solve past issues

Release emotions and sense of guilt

Work with addctions,fears,bad habits

Learn how to say no

Control your anxiety

Ericksonian Hypnosis

There are many ways of doing hypnosis, this will depend on what you are looking for and how you face the issue you want to solve. In hypnosis there is NO loss of will, in other words, if you do not feel secure you may not validate this process. That said, generally someone seeking hypnosis should be looking for quick changes, which must be associated to an actual search for a solution, both consciously and in your unconscious mind.

Getting to know each other is the first step. To generate a trust link, to make you feel comfortable with me as your therapist, to allow you to express your personality, in a unique way, according to your life experiences, using your language and not mine, knowing and understanding your maps (your beliefs, values or whatever you deem convenient). Part of my work will be generating questions and answers that make sense to find the solutions that you are looking for. Then we will have the different hypnosis stages, which will be useful from the first session and will allow you to solve your issues.

Although they say hypnosis can be done by anybody, even for those who do not believe they can be hypnotized, there are cases in which it may not work, like in cases where people are doing the session due to an obligation and not on their own will, those who may tell lies, cases for psychiatrists, among others.

Underage people must contact me through their guardians, both parents, or mother or father separately, or through their tutor in charge. They must validate the process, and must be present for my ease of mind and the safety of their children.

Some of my patients have solved issues related to their self-esteem, insecurities, fibromyalgias, severe stress, stopped walking or talking, fear in children and adults, overweight issues, sexual desire, quit smoking, among others.

My office is located at Luis Pasteur 5262, Vitacura. Uninterrupted working hours from 9 to 20 hours from Monday to Friday. Saturdays from 9 to 14 hours and Sundays emergencies only by writing to my Whatsapp +56991588249

1 session costs $35,000 CLP, 6 sessions cost $180,000 CLP + 10% for invoicing purposes. The session may last 60 minutes at a minimum and 120 minutes at a maximum, this will depend on the issue, depth or states and may always be different.

- I work with Carabineros de Chile in an informal manner, I give them special treatment either by session duration or values due.
- If you belong to a company or institution and they are interested in making an agreement regarding the work I do, I will be more than happy to do so, either formally or informally.
- If you have actual and verifiable economic issues, we may see a payment possibility by means of contact networks, or some sort of exchange.


Luis Pasteur #5262, Vitacura

Apoquindo 7935, torre B, oficina 713, Metro Los Dominicos.


(22) 604 8042

+56 9 9158 8249